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Easily convert your ebook files to many formats such as EPUB, PDF, TXT, AZW, MOBI, PRC.

Auexsoft Ebook converter brings us an efficient and fast means to convert your ebooks. With only several clicks of mouse, you can achieve converting books without any trouble.

Currently, there are a large number of e-readers in the market, like iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Sony e-Reader, Nook, Kobo and some Android tablets which also support ebooks reading. However they just accept different kinds of formats. For example, Amazon Kindle is only compatible with the special AZW/PDF ebooks’ format, iPad only supports EPUB but not available with ebooks come from Kindle with AZW format, and Amazon works not so perfect with PDF.

In order to make it possible for you to read your favorite books on various e-readers, we provide you with a one-stop ebook conversion tool hereby. Auexsoft Ebook converter can convert commonly used ebook formats like EPUB, PDF, MOBI, AZW and so on.

And also you can do the following conversion easily: Kindle to EPUB, EPUB to PDF, AZW to PDF, etc.

When you are ready to convert books, just click your mouse to add these books into this software, then click on “Start” button to convert.

You will get an ebook with fully new format. It is certain that you only need 2 steps to get a new file. After this conversion process you can transfer these books to any device you like for reading purpose!

EPUB to Kindle / Kindle to EPUB : Auexsoft Ebook converter does a good job in supporting converting Kindle AZW formatted ebooks, so there is no problem for you to convert AZW to EPUB. As it is known to all of us that AZW is a special format used by Amazon Kindle, now a lot of readers can’t read out them, even if they can read Amazon Kindle AZW books, they may just display a blurry effect or something else not perfect. But, you can convert Azw to EPUB through this tool with no quality loss. The converting will also remain the same ebooks characteristics with your initial one. They just look like completely similar.

EPUB to PDF: Auexsoft Ebook converter is able to convert EPU, AZW to PDF simultaneously. PDF is a popular format and it is readable on a great range of devices. When compared with EPUB, Adobe PDF is easier to be read on other applications. So if you want to make books easier to read on as many devices as you can, you would choose to convert AZW/ EPUB to PDF.

PDF to EPUB Converter/ PDF to AZW Converter: you can easily convert your files or materials which come with PDF to EPUB (or PDF to Azw format)to read them on other places.

As soon as you finish the conversion of PDF files, you can get a nice displaying result of these EPUB/AZW books on screen. Through the Auexsoft Ebook converter, you can also get a simple way to create electronic books(ebooks). When you make your creation with your PDF file, you can use the PDF TO EPUB function. Don’t need the aid of any additional tools and complicated procedure, it is easy to realize.

Auexsoft Ebook converter also includes some other functions, such as supporting batch conversion. You can directly add 200 documents through the “drag and drop” means into the software. And then began batch conversion. It also supports automatic scanning function which can automatically scan the electronic books in the current computer and display in the lists.


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